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Discovering your product has been a true blessing. It has expanded my understanding of essential oils and the relief they can give. I’ve used it on headaches, body aches, sore feet, itchy skin or to simply to calm down and relax. I’m always hesitant to try any over the counter remedies because they so often fall short of the benefits they advertise, but your product does not disappoint. It has even helped me get rid of a sore throat by simply spraying it once on my neck! Over and over again it has proven to be the most reliable natural remedy I’ve ever tried.

Linda, Happy Customer

I have been using this product for years. I was skeptical at first, but one use made me a reliable customer. I used it for muscle aches and soreness, but recently for pain after ACL and meniscus surgery. It really works. I have made gifts of the oil and lotion to friends with RA, and chronic pain issues, and they are regular users too. I am so thankful for this product.

Charlene, Happy Customer

I have tried every type of muscle relaxer from medication to creams and nothing compares to the Mind Body Soul Oil. It soothes my aching neck, shoulder, and lower back pain from standing for long periods, working in a salon. I can finally rest peacefully at night without tossing and turning. Migraine and sinus pressure have improved. I even tried the oil on my 3 year old who has eczema in certain areas. It took two days for it to disappear after a warm bath and applying oil morning and night. It even cleared up a foot fungus from moisture and it's great for burns.

Danielle, Happy Customer

Superior oil. I have been using oils for many years from many different companies and nothing has compared to this Mind, Body Soul Oil. It works on so many different issues including skin irritations, acne, eczema, migraine, nausea, breathing and promotes in relaxation when falling asleep. I have asthma and it has tremendously helped me at night time to sleep and while working out. I teach yoga and I have been using it on my students at the end of class and the feedback has been very positive. I recommend this to anyone who use essential oils and for new people that are thinking of getting into oils. This is by far the best oil I’ve used for all purposes, I have reordered countless times!

Denise, Happy Customer

My mom received the oil. She’s loving it!

Marcy, Happy Customer

I have plantars faciatis, after using this oil on my feet for a few days , the pain went away. I have stopped getting my yearly cortisone shots. Love this product!!

Anbar, Happy Customer

It is a magical oil, the pain goes like nothing was there.

Caroline, Happy Customer

I suffer from osteoarthritis which can be painful at times, and led me to retire. My neck can become so painful that I can't sleep. This happens about once a month. Well, this stuff rubbed on the neck helps greatly and also helps the OA pain in my knees. Aging can be very painful and usually the time you feel aches and pains increasingly from many ailments and old injuries. I am a retired Licensed Social Worker who worked in the emergency mental health field for many years and I cannot even begin to describe the many clients that I have seen who have become addicted to prescription pain medication by trying to relieve their pain. So, I prefer using natural products whenever possible, rather than prescription pain medication. I have recommended your product to all my family and friends. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

Joyce, Happy Customer

I have tried many things for back pain. This product brought me instant pain relief! I am excited to continue using Mind Body Soul Oil as an alternative to over the counter drugs and injections.

John, Happy Customer

I wanted to thank you for developing this incredible product. I discovered this oil this summer through a friend's recommendation and purchased it at Matter Of Health in Nanuet (as I am a Rockland Native).I work in New York City as a Mind-Body Therapist (Physical Therapist) and have been using this product on almost every client, including myself.Thank you for putting your heart and soul into this product. It is incredibly valued and appreciated by myself, my office, and my clients.

Anu Abraham, Happy Customer

My 89 year old friend introduced me to the Mind Body Soul Oil, which she uses often on her aching knees and arthritic hands. (She lives in a Nursing Home - she's my mom's roommate; that bottle was given to her as a birthday present.) When it was almost empty, she asked me to buy her a new one. Actually, not only did I buy hers, I decided to buy one for myself, since she's always raving about it. Now I rave about it too! I've used it on my hands, feet and neck, to ease the soreness after a day's work. It has also relieved my sinus symptoms in two or three occasions. And I've noticed that its calming fragrance works as a sleep aid as well.

Fernanda, Happy Customer

It is the ONLY thing that helps with the joint pain that I have because of Lyme disease.

Judy, Happy Customer

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